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Energy Orgasms: OMG I actually get it!


A few weeks ago I went to a ‘Deeper Orgasm’ class led by the wonderful Cyd Saunders. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Maybe some breathing techniques and movement to help me begin to move sexual energy and open to pleasure (all of which sounded like a great idea to me). What I actually experienced however, sought of blew my mind. I was sitting upright breathing ‘the microcosmic orbit’ and suddenly rushes of orgasmic energy were moving through me making me shake and grin from ear to ear. I couldn’t quite believe what I was experiencing – well my mind couldn’t believe it, my body found it all very……right. They weren’t quite like the orgasms I was used to from genital stimulation. There was no build up, definite peak and then a come down, and the sensation was not only in my genitals. It was more like waves and rushes of orgasmic sensation moving through my whole body in sets.

I had certainly witnessed energy orgasms before. At the recent Sex and Consciousness Conference in Byron Bay Andrew Barnes led a demonstration of energy orgasm. The thing is, I always thought they were the carrot dangling out of my reach. An experience only available to the sexually liberated women, or at least women who were able to surrender to their resistant mind- neither of which described me.  I thought energy orgasms would be something I had to build up to and work hard at with breathing and PC muscle exercises for months. But no, as it turned out, this was my first class and I wasn’t using my PC muscles much at all.

The techniques allowed me to access the orgasmic energy, but I never would have thought this energy would be waiting eagerly at my doorstep ready to play. So I think I get it now. The energy is around me and within me all the time, I just need to plug in…. to open the door. At some point in the class I heard Cyd whisper some of her classic seductive wisdom “Ladies, let the universal Qi have it’s way with you” and with a big YES, I did just that….

Deeper Orgasm classes are on ever thursday night at 7.oo in Byron Bay 3/69 Centennial circuit.


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