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Amara Charles PART 4: The Different Genital Types


Different Genital Types. Kylie Ezart interviews Amara Charles 

Continued from part 3…


Part 4: The genital types 


K – Diversity. Beautiful. Okay, and one of the most intriguing components that I’ve come across so far in my little adventure into these teaching is the different genital types. And I’d never heard of that before. What’s that about?


A – Well, it is definitely one of the most healing aspects of Quodoushka…the most fun and the most intriguing. Everyone wants to know what type they are. It’s a beautiful teaching because, once you learn what type of genital anatomy you have, it gives you incredible insight into things like, how do you like to be courted? How do you like to be seduced? Also, it gives you much more clear guidance in how you like to be aroused specifically physically. So, some women’s anatomy, because of the shape of their lips, because of the distance of the clitoris to the opening, because of the depth of their cave, the closeness of the G-spot and the combination, each of these combinations creates a different physiology so that her erogenous zones are located in different places, and therefore it explains completely beautifully, why do some women come in less than a minute…why do so women take, you know, 25 minutes to a half an hour, for example.


And it has to do, in part with the physiological structure of the genital anatomy. And so like with all the Quodoushka teachings, first we say get to know yourself, and then get to know life – and then you can be with another person in a more beautiful way. That’s the whole emphasis, the whole purpose of Quodoushka is enhance our sexual unions with more harmony so that we can live with greater hope, health, happiness, harmony and humor. It’s called the Five Huaqua. So, we have orgasms so that they increase our health, hope, happiness, harmony and humor. And that is really the purpose of Quodoushka.


K – Beautiful. So, if you were to assess my genital type, what sort of information would you need to know? What are you looking for?


A – [laughter] Well, the easiest way is to look.


K – [laughing] Yeah.


A – Yes, because there’s distinct features. For example, the Sheep Woman, she has kind of large plushy lips. She has a long tunnel that covers the clitoris that kind of likes to be stroked. So, some of the other women have very short clitoral hooding, or a very delicate, or barely covering the clitoris. Some women have tiny, tiny lips, uh, and some women have really large protruding lips. And so as I said, so the easiest way is to look. And, you know, that’s in my book and you can look at the drawings and read the information, and you’ll be able to hopefully identify your type.


The second way is, after teaching these things for about 25 years now, I’m starting to see that our genital anatomy influences our genital type. When you think about when we’re born, our genital structure is already forming. It’s the first thing, when we come out of the womb, and it’s like – it’s a girl! Or it’s a boy! So, the genital structure is core and essential to our nature. So it influences everything in our life. And so, a Sheep Woman’s demeanor, her way of moving through life, I’m beginning to be able to recognize the qualities, the feeling, the demeanor, you know, the qualities – the difference between a Sheep Woman and a Wolf Woman who is very intense, you know, she’s usually very, very clever, and usually too clever for her own good. I say that because I’m a Wolf Woman, um [laughter]. She’s just got, like a lone wolf. She’s just got this, like, intense quality about her. And as a lover these qualities come out in her orgasmic patterns.


Okay so, just to give you one idea of a distinction, now, they’re across the wheel from another. Sheep Woman is very soft and sweet, and she even tastes sweet in her fluids and so forth. Whereas, the Wolf Woman she tends to, you know, howl at the moon. She’s very loud, and her whole body just gets, really intense and so forth. And very often she’s really turned on by fantasy and mental stimulation and conversation and so forth. And then there’s all the other directions around the wheel, so each woman has her own type, and the same is true for the men. I mean the men are totally different from one another.


So, I can tell, for example, the difference between a Horse man and, you know, a Bear man and a coyote, and they all have these different qualities and features, and it’s just incredibly beautiful and after living it and experiencing it and seeing it for 25 years, I mean, it’s just like, it’s very true. And I know it works because, um, yeah, because…


K – You’ve seen it.


A – I’ve seen it and I’ve experienced it.


K – I just love that concept of, just really thinking about it now, when you’re talking about; we’re born with our genital type, and then, you know, almost like the personality sort of grows from that. And it’s just such a novel and unique concept. Often we’re not even looking down there, we don’t even know what our type is, just really thinking about seeing out genital type as a way to get to know yourself and embrace yourself.


A – Yeah as a core fundamental aspect of our being. It changes your view of life because when sex is just a natural part of who you are…when your genitals, all of the types are all beautiful, I spent a long time writing about them in the book, and every single one is so, so beautiful, and you know, I have seen thousands. Everybody asks me, would I, you know, would I read them, and so forth. And, I mean, I have never seen two alike, and they’re all very, very beautiful. And I’ve really been very lucky and very blessed to experience the whole range and the full diversity. And, you know, you’re absolutely correct, it’s a very different life I meet a lot of people who, it would be the last thing in their world they would do is, you know, to consider that being looked upon as just so, so important. I mean, you sort of figure out how to have sex with it, but to regard it in its beauty and to take the time, I mean, you know – how carefully do we look at our face? Every day. You know, are you really aware, how carefully do you look and see and just accept and embrace who you are, or do you have all this judgment and all this wasted energy, disliking some part of our body that Great Spirit gave us. There’s better things to do than dislike what great spirit gave us.


K – Yes. At the International Sex and Consciousness Conference, where I heard you speak, when you were describing the Deer Woman, I couldn’t help but think that it really sounded like you were describing a genital type that culturally we were aspiring to. I was just wondering if you thought about that at all?


A – Oh yes, of course. You know, the Deer Woman is the image of the tiny, tiny petite lips, and she comes very quickly and she loves to have intercourse because she has a very deep cave, and so forth. And it is typically – a few things are changing a little bit now, but typically it is the type of genital image that gets recorded in porn films, or movies. If you look at that kind of media, and somehow it gets into the psyche. Somehow the stereotype of what the, quote, ‘ideal vagina’ is supposed to look like gets encoded – I can’t tell you the number of women that I have met who have said that they’re considering doing surgery or they’re considering changing the shape. Because somehow, somewhere, they have gotten the idea that they’re not good enough, or that they’re ugly. In my journeys – maybe I’m just an unusual woman, but I have met very few men that were as judgmental as women are. Maybe they are there, but from my experience, by far most men are just – well first of all, I mean, they’re so pleased to be able to just even have a look, mind you, a taste, or a touch or something, that they are not as judgmental as typically women are.


But men also have a great shame issues around their genitals too, and I think culturally now there’s a lot of saying that size doesn’t matter, and all of this. And that’s a great concept, but my experience is that men still are competitive – they compare, they have a lot of insecurities that they’re not large enough, or they’re not sufficient. What I say to men is; there’s just as many beautiful teachings in Quodoushka to help you see the beauty of your nature. Every single type has its qualities that are really powerful about his nature as a lover. For example, men with a much shorter, penis – what we call Tipili –he often has qualities that he’s a lot more emotionally sensitive, much more dexterous with his penis. He has a lot more sensitivity. And my experience is that many, many women love the qualities of a flaccid cock – or love the qualities of a man that is more adroit, or he’s more able to feel.


K – Versatile…


A – Versatile, yeah, you said it. You know, he’s just not like, going for the goal, and so forth. And he can, you know, has a lot of feeling in his member. So for each of the type I think Great Spirit is incredibly compassionate, and gave each type of both men and women amazingly empowering and beautiful qualities as lovers.


K – Excellent. And have you found in your 25 years of teaching this and talking to people that there seems to be different types that are more common than others, or is it a nice little spread?


A – Well it’s really funny, that’s changing. In the beginning years we would get a lot of Wolf woman for the women’s types. And I think that’s because the Wolf women tend to be very intellectually curious. And so they’re outgoing, and so forth. And so, for example some of the dancing women who – it’s one of the other types who can take like 25 minutes to reach orgasm- some of them have become more frustrated and they may withdraw from the sexual unless they learn – any woman can learn, how to shift this. So, I have met women who have learned their anatomy types who learn that they are Dancing women and that’s part of their natural thing that because of their anatomical structure they take longer to come. However, I know Dancing women who now, because they’ve really accepted themselves and embraced their natures that now they can come in less than 5 minutes too.


K – Wow.


A – That’s the cool part about the teaching, is that just learning your type is just the beginning. It’s just the doorway in. It’s like, why don’t I just accept who I am naturally…then I can learn to expand.


So, anyway, we didn’t have very many Dancing women, uh, but now there are a lot more Dancing women. We have a lot of Dancing men who come to the Q’s (Quodoushka trainings). And I actually, lately, in the last 5 to 8 years I’ve seen a lot more variety…a lot more. Maybe I’m just getting better at reading. I don’t know. But there’s a lot of, I think different age people coming to the Quodoushka workshops. Different, nationalities, different types of people, and so I think maybe that’s why there’s a lot more variety.


K – Okay, so there’s also 9 male Genital types, is it important to find your match or type?


A – Absolutely not. No, everybody asks that question. You know, is there an ideal match? Absolutely, not. I mean, we have our preferences for lovers. But my experience is that genital anatomy doesn’t limit us, the differences are not that great. For example, the depth of a woman’s cave is maybe a variance from the shortest of about like 4 ½ inches to, maybe, 6. So what I’m saying is that all of us as lovers can really learn to accommodate one another. Especially when you know your anatomy type you can really learn what your lover likes. So, it’s not about trying to find the perfect genital soul mate. [laughter] You don’t need more of this. It’s about learning to become better lovers and learning to love and appreciate whatever kind of lover. I mean, I’ve had a lot of different kind of lovers, and for me the joy is not in finding my favourite type, for me the whole joy is like, oh, wow – you know, who is this person? How can I love them in the way they need to be loved?

Interview continued in part 5: The G-spot Fire Trigger








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